festival Art Outsiders 2009 vide

Bradley Pitts


Singular Oscillations



In 2008, for Singular Oscillations, Bradley Pitts performed a parabolic flight at the Cosmonaut Training Center Yuri Gagarin near Moscow. Naked, eyes closed, ears protected from outside sounds, he dived into the mental and physical feelings, the internal and external perceptions, brought by weightlessness.
Bradley Pitts writes: where does the frontier between the inside and the outside, the self and the other lay? May be it is like the Earth atmosphere that dissipates slowly as we move away from its surface, that does not end up brutaly but becomes finer and finer until it is replaced by the void of space.


Pitts studied aeronautics and astronautics at MIT where he conducted scientific experiments aboard NASA’s parabolic-flight aircraft. There he realized that engineers and scientists are ignoring the pure void of weightlessness as they use it to understand its affects on other phenomena. As an artist, Pitts uses his position to pursue an impossibly intimate knowledge of emptiness in itself.