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festival Art Outsiders 2009 vide

september 9 ››› october 11 2009

The 2009 edition of the @rt Outsiders Festival — celebrating this year its tenth anniversary — focuses on extreme environments.

These are environments that were, until recently, uninhabited by human beings and that contemporary science and technology turn into "inhabitable" places (Antarctica, underwater world, outer space, deserts); but also those that are becoming "uninhabitable" due to the impacts of our way of life (pollution, technological accidents, economical pressures and global warming).

(Un)Inhabitable? – Art of Extreme Environments presents works that explore the meaning of living in extreme environments, in the imaginary realm as well as in the physical one, in the political, social and environmental fields as well as in the poetic ones.

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Founded by Henry Chapier and Jean-Luc Soret in 2000, the @rt Outsiders Festival is a yearly event dedicated to new contemporary art forms in relation with science and technology.

Henry Chapier
Jean-Luc Monterosso
Director of the MEP
Barbara Wolffer
General Administrator
Jean-Luc Soret
Artistic Director of the @rt Outsiders Festival
Annick Bureaud
Co-curator of the @rt Outsiders Festival 2009
Yannick Le Guillanton
Press Officer
Emmanuel Bacquet
Technical Director
Gyslaine Badezet
Head of the Educational and Cultural Department
Odette Laurent
Public Relations Officer
Grégory Pignot
Artist and Web Designer

Thanks to : Jacqueline Leblanc, Joël Brard, Aurélie Garzuel, Pascal Troccaz, Jean-Louis Fiaux, Edith Guinard, Patrick Fays, Patricia Azoulay, Jean Merhi, toute l’équipe de la MEP ainsi que Maeva Muetton, Loreleï Boquet Vautor et Levi-Matthieu Hay.


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