festival Art Outsiders 2009 vide

Friday, October 2nd
7:00 pm → 7:45 pm - Auditorium

Christophe Luxereau

Public projection of OMBRE, 3D video, (8 minutes)
Presented by Le Cube – Centre de Création Numérique - Issy les Moulineaux

Christophe Luxereau
Coproduction Arcadi/View/Le Cube

Wednesday October 7th
5:00 pm → 7:30 pm - Bookstore

Christophe Luxereau

Signature by the artist of a monograph

Christophe Luxereau

Wednesday October 7th
5:30 pm → 7:30 pm - (in the exhibition space)

Lucy + Jorge Orta

Performance by the artists: delivery of the Antarctica World Passport to the public and launch of the prototype of the Citizenship Database.

passeport universel antarctique

Saturday October 10th
5:00 pm → 6:00 pm - (in the exhibition space)

Catherine Rannou

Signature by the artist of a limited edition book from her work Digital Beacons 32Ko

catherine rannou