performance by Otávio DONASCI

With VideoCriatura Imersiva (Immersive VideoCreature), Otávio Donasci offers an intimate experience with a strange and improbable creature wearing a helmet with two openings, in which the visitor places his face. This VideoCreature takes us then on a hybrid sensorial adventure, between the virtual world that we observe and the real sensations that we feel, thanks to rather subtle ploys. An exceptional teleportational experience in the heart of Brazil, which will be held at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie on September 28, from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.!


an interactive installation by Raquel KOGAN

Réflexao #3 (Reflection #3) is a formal multimedia work, in which a series of white numbers continually moves along solid and liquid surfaces, as well as over the moving silhouettes of the spectators. By increasing movement, depth of focus, modifying our perception of space, the numbers go up and down, evolve on several planes, reflected in a mirror of water like numerous vertical waves. Things happen when we don’t expect them to, the reality of our perception creating illusions.


interactive electrostatic picture-objects
by Servulo ESMERALDO

Since 1967, when the first Excitable (Excitáveis) was created, Servulo Esmeraldo has used the most common or unexpected objects and materials to make picture-objects, which are both abstract works as well as electrostatic devices. Visitors must simply rub the palms of their hands over the surface of these sensitive works to produce electrostatic energy and thus generate visual kinetic effects.


by Diana DOMINGUES, Groupe Artecno

Two interactive installations that highlight the research conducted on virtual environments, telepresence and artificial life.
INSN(H)AK(R)ES takes us into the middle of a serpentarium located in Caxias do Sul, the Brazilian university where the artist conducts her research. A robotic reptile equipped with a camera is placed amongst real snakes. The visitor is thus able to interact with this environment that is 9,000 kilometers away from the Maison Européenne de la Photographie. In fact, the interface enables us to remotely control the snake and observe the repercussions of its actions on the other animals, thanks to images that are transmitted onto a screen.

is inspired by rituals practiced by the Indians living in the Mato Grosso, Brazil ; rituals which are based on dialogue with the natural and invisible forces of nature in order to exchange energies. Connected to the Internet, stimulating symbolic rituals where technological interfaces replace masks, this interactive installation allows visitors to create and control virtual snakes slithering through the exhibit area.



digital holopoem by Eduardo KAC

In 1987, Eduardo Kac created the digital holopoem Quando ? (When?), in which a monolithic abstract shape rotates around its own axis, alternately disclosing and concealing the words of the text as it spins.
The text was conceived so that it could be read at any angle, but there is a basic structure that allows it to be read either clockwise or counterclockwise. Counterclockwise the viewer reads A LUZ / ILUDE / A LENTE / LENTA / MENTE (the light/deceives/the lens/slow/ly); clockwise the text is A LENTE / ILUDE / A LUZ / MENTE / LENTA (the lens/deceives/ the light/mind/slow). Other readings, just as valid as these, may arise between the verbal meaning and the formal beauty thus offering numerous interpretations.

Sopro (Blow)

Cao Guimarães
Rivane Neuenschwander
Blow expresses the relationhip between what is inside and what is outside. The multi-formed translucence of a bubble exhibits the world that contains it and is contained by it. The bubble that never bursts is a metaphor for the continuity of things.

Alexandre da Cunha
Sports, meditation, exhibitionism, and self-help. A relaxing session. One, two, three: I believe in myself.
SÓ (Alone)

Conrado Almada
Estúdio Mosquito
The video narrates the unusual journey of a young man into his own Ego. There he finds himself alone, having only his person for company.

Marcelo Braga
A digital souvenir with constant scratch and paradox
Nanofania (Nanophony)

Cao Guimarães
Visual and sound composition of micromoments.
Papilas (Papillas)

Renata Alencar
A "domestic videowrit" which explores the zones of the senses. Desire and pleasure introduce themselves by means of synesthesic perceptions.
Desenho (Drawing)

Juliana Alvarenga Freitas
A research on the India ink and the relation of the animal which produces it with the human body. It uses supports such as the recording of drawings on acetate, drawings retroprojected on the human body and photographed in slides.
Deleuze enquanto modelo vivo (Deleuze while a living model)

Marcellvs L.
The author intervenes in the images of a testimonial by French philosopher Gilles Deleuze with traces of lipstick and resources that pixillize the scene. The idea is to make that "the philosophy becomes image and the image, a thought".

Videobrasil presents a series of Brazilian videos programmed by Solange FARKAS.

One of the main fonctions of Associação Cultural Videobrasil is to open new spaces for the diffusion and reflection on the contemporary artistic production. Solange Farkas, the association’s president, has chosen a series of videos for the @rt Outsiders Festival, which reveal few current trends of audiovisual production in Brazil.
Des films projetés
à l'auditorium
Bernard-Pierre Wolff
les samedis et dimanches
à 18H30

an interactive installation by Katia MACIEL

Luigi Pirandello's One, None and A Hundred Thousand, describes the multiplicity that lives within each one of us.  In his novel, ideas such as ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ appear with the changes of his main character’s face. Like him, we have expanded the consequences of ‘moving faces’ so that narratives multiply within a multimedia experience. The spectator, then, is able to create links between the many dialogues, non-dialogues and silences, composed of lovers cliché sentences, spoken in close-up and reverse shots. So, it is up to him or to her to choose two faces that will shape a couple, so creating a relationship between talking heads through shot and reverse shot dialogues. The sentences spoken by these faces will always be clichés, however in this interface one cliché after other could bring something new. An interactive movie could be a possibility to extend the experience of cinema to a new media art. The idea is to expand to the spectator the well-known operations of making movies, such as editing or creating dialogues, as a way of participation.


an interactive installation by André PARENTE

The Visorama is an installation using an original system of augmented reality.  It is a dynamic and interactive cybernetic observatory that takes the visitor on a genuine journey through time and space.  Thanks to a simulated pair of binoculars, we are able not only to observe the details in the landscape, but also to interact with this virtual environment as if it were real.


an interactive installation by Réjane SPITZ

Você tem fome de que ? (What are you hungry for?) looks at the social, economic and political causes of hunger, its challenges, consequences and possible solutions. Rejane Spitz interviewed approximately one hundred individuals from different economic backgrounds, who explained their needs and desires, spoke of their awareness (or lack of knowledge) regarding the high number of people who are starving, exchanged ideas on the possible ways in which we can reduce or eradicate starvation in a country where 44 million people live in poverty. This installation is deliberately based on the most recent digital innovations, as it refers to the 1970s utopia, which viewed the technological revolution as a means for sharing wealth with the poorest countries.